Projects for All is a non-profit human rights organisation based in the United Kingdom and United States. The organisation was founded in 2013 with the mission to empower communities facing human rights challenges by providing life-changing support and partnership, guided by respect, trust, collaboration and community ownership. Our projects are designed to be owned and operated by the community, thus allowing its people to be the instruments of their own progression. 

In support of our mission, we follow a three-pronged approach to promote ownership, openness and growth opportunities for all members of the community: 

  • We actively listen to the needs of the communities in order to best utilise tools, resources and training to address core problems and build sustainability.
  • We trust communities to take ownership of each project and promotes community involvement from the onset of the project.
  • Our projects are designed to be open source and available to individuals and communities around the world. 

Our Values


Respect and Trust

Each project is designed to be respectful of the individuals in each community. We work with them to understand their most pressing needs, and trust in their shared interest to improve the collective community.  



In addition to our collaboration with each community, every project is created to be open source for volunteers outside of our community. Take them, make them, improve them, spread them. With causes this important, the more minds the better.



Every project belongs to the communities. They get involved from the beginning, work with Projects For All to help assess the problem, train, and ultimately take over the project in its entirety.