Katrin Macmillan
Founder and CEO

Katrin has worked in development, human rights advocacy and humanitarian aid in Africa, NYC and London. She is an award-winning producer, coordinated advocacy events, and has worked as a development consultant. Katrin co-launched Bwari Soap Co, and initiated the emergency relief for Jos. She also worked with the Developmental Association for Renewable Energies to build Africa's first energy-autonomous housing using recycled bottles. Katrin has addressed international academic forums on human rights and humanitarian aid, and has written for the Huffington Post, The Times and Time Out New York. 

Katrin lives in London with her husband Tom and their children Cressida and Hugh. 



Roland Wells

Roland has worked in community development, human rights, youth empowerment and education for two decades. He has founded and implemented a wide range of development projects in the United States, Australia, Nigeria and Uganda, and is an experienced speaker and trainer. Along with his development work, Roland is also a successful entrepreneur, building an insurance services provider that assists some of the largest insurers in the world after major catastrophic events.  

Roland lives in Verona/Italy with his wife Angela and their children Andrew, Massimo, and Rinaldo. 


Eleanor Besley-Gould
Director of Development

Eleanor moved to the non-profit sector 10 years ago following a graduate role in finance. Since then she has focussed on domestic transport and energy agendas, successfully influencing policy and budget changes at national level. A published researcher who has also written extensively on UK policy decisions and processes, Eleanor took on development whilst a director at climate change charity 10:10 where she raised £2.5m for community energy programmes. Eleanor is a member of the CAF Venturesome investment committee which supports social impact organisations and a board member at Foundation for Change.

Eleanor lives in North London with her husband and two children and practices yoga every morning.


Monika Hubbard
Director of Communications 

Monika studied Agriculture and Media Consulting. After graduation she worked in corporate communications, where she managed corporate design and internal communications campaigns, and later as a research assistant at the Department of Communications Science and Journalism at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. She then embarked upon a new role as a communications consultant across a range of sectors, including non-profit. Monika has vast experience in communications strategy, change management and internal branding. She holds a doctorate degree in social sciences and is a published author on internal branding.  

Monika lives in London with her husband Derry and their children Ana and Alexander. 


Board of Trustees





Support Team


We are very grateful to have a group of wonderful people supporting our work and sharing our mission.


Raeshib Aggerwhil
Film Director


Sayeed Anwar
Social Media Strategist


Alex Cubbin
Brand Designer


Monica Hargrove
Graphic Designer


Justin Keena


Stebs Schinnerer
Creative Advisor


Irina Sukhikh
Public Affairs Advisor


Genevieve Tarboton
Digital Designer