At Projects For All, collaboration is more than a way of working—it is a fundamental principle to everything we do. The impact we have would not be possible without the support and funding we receive from key partners. Below you find more information about some of the incredible organisations and people we are working with.


Airtel Uganda

The collaboration with Airtel Uganda has provided high-speed wireless data links to the four Hello Hubs that Project Hello World has so far built in Uganda. In this way, the users can enjoy a consistent level of connectivity at any time, be it day or night. With Airtel Uganda as a close and reliable partner on our side, we are able to provide our communities with fast and free access to the Internet and all the resources it has to offer.

"Partnering with Hello World enhanced Airtel Uganda's Our School/Esoomero Lyaffe Programme that supports the education of young people not only through provision of physical infrastructure and scholastic materials but also through improving their ICT skills."
Anwar Sousa, MD Airtel Uganda


Avenues: The World School

The partnership with Avenues: The World School aims to extend the research into child-led digital education. Together we will explore how technology can best benefit students academically and emotionally and identify the challenges associated with technology-based learning in remote and marginalised communities. In addition, we will collaborate to make the Hello Hubs more efficient, reliable and user-friendly.

"Hello World's work is inspiring, innovative and ambitious. We are kindred spirits (or colleagues) in the cause of education and delighted to be learning and working together." 
Jeff Clark, President and COO 


Arabella Dorman

Portrait painter and war artist Arabella Dorman has partnered with us to create and execute Refugee Voices. The project will support and encourage children in refugee camps to tell and share their story. Arabella will lead the children through a therapeutic art programme giving them the skills, confidence and materials they need to express their hopes, fears and stories in the immediate, accessible and universal language of art.

"It is a privilege to partner with Projects For All, whose mission to educate the disenfranchised resonates so closely with my own belief in the power of enfranchisement through self-expression, and the universal language of art and hope."
Arabella Dorman 



crowdCaster is a partner of Refugee Voices, a project that will support and encourage children in refugee camps to tell and share their stories—and in that way, give them a chance to rebuild their identity. The team of crowdCaster will record and share with the world the children’s thoughts, stories, sounds and voices. The audio content can then be shared on a revolutionary web-based and mobile audio platform as well as on social media. Project Refugee Voices brings  communities together in every part of the world, offering a human voice as a force for good.

“Our mission is 'Giving People a Voice', and we hope to achieve this through the partnership with Projects For All by raising awareness of the real stories of refugees told and shared by themselves in the safe environment of audio."  
Iain Rawlinson, Co-Founder


Etisalat Nigeria

In 2013, Etisalat Nigeria has provided Project Hello World with a 3G wireless data link for the first Hello Hub which was built in Suleja, Nigeria. This has allowed the users in the community to enjoy fast and reliable Internet access. Such a consistent level of connectivity to the world’s body of knowledge and the resources it has to offer would not have been possible without this partnership. 

"We are always keen to work with organisations like Projects For All, promoting ICT learning and development in underserved communities. Our partnership shows our commitment towards bridging the digital devide through innovative and inclusive approaches, while utilising environmental solutions. We look forward to sustaining this relationship in subsequent years."  
Ikenna Ikeme, Director Regulatory and Corporate Social Responsibility


Fund Management Company

"There are so many deserving causes delivering such important work across an extraordinary range of needs, both nationally and internationally. So choosing which ones to support is always one of the most difficult decisions facing donors. In business, they always say that people “buy people” and that’s exactly why we support Projects For All. We see the need and acknowledge the impact of their work but it is the commitment and enthusiasm of the team that has been the decisive factor. They make it impossible not to want to help—and that passion provides the driving force for all they do."


Hello Southerly

Creative content agency Hello Southerly has joined forces with Projects For All to support the communication strategy of Hello World. For Southerly, pro bono projects are “passion projects”, a chance to put their skills to use on behalf of organisations that need a helping hand. Current projects are the redesign of the Hello World website, and producing social media memes, content and campaigns. 

"We have loved every minute of being a small part of Hello World. As we value curiosity and continuous learning ourselves, we have been delighted to share this with everyone involved in this inspiring project."
Shelley Hoppe, CEO


Imagine Her

Millions of women and girls worldwide don't have access to safe menstrual products. In addition to the consequent impact on health and livelihood, one in ten  schoolgirls in Africa misses school or drops out altogether because of her menstrual cycle. Projects For All supports rePAD, a project by Imagine Her, in their mission to train girls (and boys) in Uganda to make recycled and reusable menstrual pads, constructed locally from commonly available materials. rePAD also educates children in the communities on important topics like sexual and reproductive health.

"Projects For All is a key mentor for our organisation. Our partnership is a roadmap in promoting the human rights of local communities in Uganda." 
Fiona Komugisha, Program Director


Pangea Educational Development

Pangea Educational Development (PED) has served as an essential implementing partner for Hello World in Uganda. It has opened avenues to establish relationships for successful builds in a range of communities. During this process PED staff played key roles in preliminary community work, organising logistics, and supporting build activities. Since then, PED has proved to be an essential data and community partner, measuring improvements in literacy and providing stability to our project.

"The vision and willingness to collaborate is what sets Projects For All apart. By providing essential resources and technical expertise, and together with their community-centered approach, they have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for PED and our partner communities.”
Andrew Bauer, CEO


SOLE Central

Projects For All has partnered with SOLE Central, an initiative of Sugata Mitra at Newcastle University. Together, we aim to provide important data from the Hello Hubs for future research and development. The partnership allows SOLE Central to reach more countries, particularly in Africa. The collaboration lays the foundation for developing SOLE and Hello Hubs to their full potential and establishes an efficient means of providing education access to children in developing countries.

“A Hello Hub, to me, is like the grandchild of the 'Hole in the Wall', 16 years later.” 
Sugata Mitra, Professor for Educational Technology, Newcastle University


The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation

The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation have provided core funding support to enable growth during 2016 and 2017, and we are using that support to develop and grow, focusing specifically on how we can introduce Hello World to children and young people in refugee communities. It is an honour for us to be included amongst the varied charitable organisations and institutions supported by The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation. 


Individual Donors

We are extremely grateful to the following people and organisations for their support in 2016:

Stephen Dawson
Marek Gumienny
Jonathan Asante
DSC Africa


If you would like to partner with us, make a donation, or leave us a gift in your will, we will be very happy to meet and discuss our projects and future planning. Please get in touch